What is Luxury?

Last weekend I had the wonderful privilege of staying at Huka Lodge, in Taupo. Whilst surrounded by the luxury and tranquillity of Huka Lodge, I started thinking about “what is luxury?

Luxury will have different meanings for different people. What is luxury in our homes and interior design?

Luxury can be defined as “something very desirable, but strictly speaking unnecessary in life”. Luxury can be divided up into materials items and intangibles such as experiences and emotions.

What does luxury mean for you?:

  • The best quality sheets and bedding?
  • Top quality appliances?
  • Beautiful thick carpet?
  • Thick, beautiful luxurious drapes?
  • A light spacious home?
  • Beautiful artwork?

Or does luxury for you mean for time to spend on leisure activities? A sleep in? Reading a book in a bubble bath? Travel? Spending more time with your family?

   The Bathroom in one of the Cottages

    Source – Nicola Manning Photo

Maybe it means a number of these things?  It is worth thinking about what constitutes luxury for you, as generally these are the things that you aspire to or prioritise for treating yourself.

When planning your interiors, I think it is important to make a list of these luxuries you would love to have in your home. What is life without a few luxuries?!

I would love to share with you a few favourites and highlights from my visit to Huka Lodge. The interiors there were stunning. The most telling aspect was the high level of attention to detail and thoughtfulness for people’s comfort.

It is the little touches that make such a difference in great interior design.

The Bedroom in one of the Cottages

Source – Nicola Manning Photo

The aesthetic of Huka Lodge is very much steeped in its history of being a fishing lodge. In the mid 1980’s Huka Lodge was transformed into a luxury lodge.

    The Fire Room

     Source – Nicola Manning Photo

Virginia Fisher, an Auckland interior designer, worked her magic on the interiors of the main lodge building and all the accommodation spaces. The result is truly beautiful and sits perfectly in its environment.

Attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the Lodge; beautiful bedding and linen, gorgeous glassware and flatware, artwork, accessories, flowers, and service.

The Jetty, Outdoor Room

Source – Nicola Manning Photo