Tips for Fabulous Front Doors

For some reason I have been obsessing about great front doors lately and pinning lots of pictures on Pinterest! I know, interior designers focus on strange things!

First impressions do count. Your front door is generally the main welcoming point of your home to visitors. Here are some tips to maximise the impact your front door makes.

Make it obvious

At most houses it is really obvious where the front door is. But there is nothing more confusing and sometimes embarrassing than turning up to someone’s house for the first time and not being able to work out where the front door is.

Make it obvious where you would like visitors to come to, if it isn’t structurally obvious use your paving and landscaping to lead the way. If all else fails – put up a sign!

Clutter Free

Keep your front door and entrance clutter free. Try and find another place to keep shoes, scooters and bikes.

Wash the paintwork down regularly as when it looks dirty and dusty, it brings down the impression of your whole house.

Having the path up to the front door clear and uncluttered is important too.


Having a lovely garden or plants in pots frames the front door really well and can soften the overall look and be very welcoming.


Does the style of your front door suit or match the style of your home? If not, you may need to consider replacing your door.


The fun part!  The colour choices are endless for front doors. How brave are you? What suits the style of your house and the look and feel you want to create?

Firstly ask yourself “Is my front door a lovely door, is it something I want to draw attention to?” Generally the answer should be yes you do want to draw attention to your front door. So if your door is ugly, in poor condition or out of keeping with the house – seriously consider replacing it. An attractive front door adds to the first impression of your house and to its value.

The most classic colour for a front door is Black. Black looks classic and elegant.

If you feel like something a bit brighter and more colourful, take a cue from the colours in your garden or the colours in your home. It isn’t too difficult to paint your front door more regularly that other parts of your house, so be colourful and daring.

Another aspect of the colour of your door is will you paint the outside and inside of the door the same colour? There are two options. You can paint the inside of the door a colour that matches the internal doors so that it doesn’t make the front door stand out internally or, if the colour works well with your interior, you can bring that colour through into the inside and make the door stand out as a feature.

Door Hardware

Does  it function well? Does it look good?

Door Mat

What condition is your doormat in? Does it need replacing? There are some really great looking and effective doormats around, maybe it is time to invest in a new one?

If you would like to look at some more images of front doors, some a little more different than others, have a look at my Pinterest page – Cool Doors.