Why Nearly Every Bedroom Should Have An Upholstered Headboard

I love upholstered headboards. I would even go as far as to say that every bedroom should have one. A bed without a headboard is like wearing an outfit without any shoes. It just doesn’t look finished.

Timber headboards look great too but don’t have the same comfort factor and texture of an upholstered headboard. Snuggling up in bed with beautiful pillows against an upholstered headboard is ultimate luxury.

Upholstered headboards not only provide comfort, they also visually provide so much in terms of texture, definition and colour.

By definition, I mean that the headboards frames the bed beautifully and defines the bed space, and it also creates it a finished look. The fabric on the headboard gives you the opportunity to bring in gorgeous textured and patterned fabrics. Velvets are particularly stunning on upholstered headboards.

Don’t hold back on the size of your headboard, better to go too big than too small! You can upholster the whole wall behind your bed in panels, which looks great too.

The combination of an upholstered headboard against wallpaper also looks wonderful and allows you to create gorgeous colour combinations and add depth of colour and texture to your room.

The best way to install the headboard is on a French cleat system. There is a piece of timber mounted on the wall and one on the headboard itself and it allows you to hang the headboard easily on the wall. You can then push you bed up to the headboard but it isn’t attached to the actual bed. This makes it very easy to move your bed for cleaning behind and making your bed and means that the headboard doesn’t rattle or move.

If you don’t want to attach your headboard to the wall, you can make it so that it sits on the floor against the wall and have the back of it cut around the skirting board so that it fits snugly against the wall. This system works well too, just ensure that the back of the headboard has some padding to protect the wall.

Regularly vacuum your headboard to keep it dust free and keep the fabric in top condition.

There are many shapes and designs available for your headboard. You can buy then off the shelf or you can have one custom made and select your own fabric, size and style. A plain style of headboard looks fantastic with richly patterned or textured fabric. A deep buttoned or panelled headboard looks great with a plainer fabric. Buttons and studs are also options for embellishing your headboard.