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Interior Design – Creating Beautiful & Functional Spaces

“We believe your home is not just a financial asset, it should also be your haven. Whether you’re building, renovating, downsizing or moving into a different size or style of property, we will help you create beautiful and functional spaces that feel like home.”
– Nicola Manning

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About Us

We are an experienced, award-winning, interior design practice offering a full range of interior design services, from new builds, renovations, apartments, small commercial projects and sourcing beautiful interior products.

We take a “no surprises” approach to our project partnership, with clear communication and a proven design process, focusing on three foundation pillars; the design, the budget and the timeline. We feel so grateful to work with a range of wonderful clients on their homes, apartments, beach houses and commercial properties.

After twenty years in the interior design business, we know great design cannot only lift the value of your home, but also enhance the quality and enjoyment of your life. Many people find it difficult to verbalise or explain exactly what they are visualising. Our clients really appreciate that we can take their ideas and help them bring them to fruition.

Interior Design

Our design philosophy is founded on the principle that your home is more than a financial asset; it should be your haven. Whether it involves new construction, renovating, or adapting to different living environments, we are committed to our objective for interior design – creating beautiful & functional spaces that embody the comfort and warmth of a home.

Boasting years of expertise and recognition in the field, our interior designers in New Zealand offer comprehensive services. These encompass a variety of projects, including constructing new homes, refurbishing existing properties, beautifying apartment spaces, undertaking smaller-scale commercial endeavours, and procuring exquisite interior items.

Our approach to client partnerships is straightforward and transparent, with a focus on unambiguous communication and a well-established interior design methodology. This methodology revolves around three foundational pillars; the design, the budget, and the timeline. We’re honoured to collaborate with diverse clientele, enhancing their private residences, beachfront homes, urban apartments, and business premises with beautiful interior designs.

With two decades of industry presence, we understand that exceptional interior design elevates not just your property’s market worth but also the overall quality and enjoyment of your daily living. Many people struggle to articulate their interior design visions clearly; our clients value our ability to understand their concepts and effectively bring them to life.

Our Expertise

Our expertise lies in a spectrum of services, from transforming entire homes with high-end residential interior design to conceptualising and executing new construction projects, as well as designing for multi-story residential buildings. At NM Design, we blend form and functionality seamlessly, ensuring that every space we craft is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

Our team’s dedication is rooted in experience, expertise, and impeccable integrity. We are committed to delivering customised interior design solutions, with a keen focus on balancing aesthetic appeal with practical utility in every project we undertake.

Designing for Diversity

Recognising that each project is unique, we approach every assignment with a fresh perspective to turn your dream into a reality. Our clientele ranges from families seeking cosy home environments to businesses needing functional yet stylish spaces. We understand that each client has distinct needs and preferences, and our interior design solutions reflect this diversity.

Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation, where our interior designer will comprehensively analyse your vision, lifestyle, and specific requirements. This initial phase sets the foundation for a design journey that is collaborative, transparent, and tailored to your unique needs.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Living

Interior design is ever-evolving, and staying abreast of the latest trends, materials, and technologies is paramount. Our team regularly participates in international design expos, and professional gatherings, and continues education in emerging design principles. This commitment to ongoing learning ensures that our interior designs are contemporary and also timeless.

Our Approach to New Constructions

For new constructions, we recognise the plethora of decisions and choices that confront you. Our role is to simplify this process, guiding you from the initial concept to the final realisation of your dream home. Working closely with architects and builders, we ensure that every detail of our interior designs aligns with your vision and our high standards, from expert kitchen design to bathrooms and beyond.

Revitalising Spaces through Renovations

Renovation projects come with their unique challenges and opportunities. Our expertise in this area involves not just aesthetic enhancements but also functional upgrades. Whether preserving the character of an old home or completely transforming a space, our approach is always personalised and mindful of your specific needs and preferences.

Multi-Level Residential and Commercial Design

Our services extend beyond private residences to include larger-scale projects like housing developments, retirement communities, and boutique hotels. Here, we collaborate with a broader team of architects, 3D renderers, and marketers to create interiors that are visually compelling and fit for purpose.

We deliver a full spectrum of interior design services:

Interior Design: Tailored interior designs encompassing colour schemes, material selections, fixtures, and textile choices.

Technical Drawings: Providing CAD drawings for kitchens, bathrooms, and custom cabinetry, including floor plans, elevations, mechanical plans and perspective drawings. Our realistic 3D renders enable clients to truly visualise their spaces.

Exterior Specifications: Assistance in selecting exterior materials, colours, and finishes, ensuring a cohesive look from the outside in.

Styling: Adding those final touches that elevate a design and reflect your personal story.

Furniture Plans: From selecting new pieces to custom designing or repurposing existing furniture, ensuring every piece fits perfectly in your space.

Product Ordering & Project Management: Overseeing all aspects from start to finish, ensuring a smooth, on-time, and on-budget completion.

Our process is structured yet flexible, adapting to each project’s unique requirements:

  1. Initial Consultation: Understanding your vision and goals, sharing our design approach, and establishing the scope of work.
  2. Briefing and Concept Development: Diving deeper into your needs, taking measurements, and beginning the creative process with mood boards and floor plans.
  3. Design Development: Refining concepts based on your feedback, finalising selections, and preparing detailed plans.
  4. Documentation and Quoting: Finalising details for manufacturing, obtaining quotes, and presenting final costs for approval.
  5. Design Implementation: Placing orders, coordinating with contractors, and managing the construction process.
  6. Client Handover: Delivering a completed project with detailed documentation and warranties, whilst celebrating the new space.

NM Design

Our mission at NM Design is to create spaces that resonate deeply with our clients. We blend aesthetic beauty with functional design to craft environments that look magnificent and enhance the quality of your life.

If you’re envisioning a space that reflects your unique style and meets your practical needs, we invite you to embark on this creative journey with us. Let’s transform your vision into a reality.

luxurious master bedroom and ensuite renovation in Auckland New Zealand

Our Services

From full house renovations to new builds to multi-level residential projects, our team specialises in creating spaces that bring form and function together.

Using a proven design process, relying on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity. NM Design is committed to providing design solutions tailored specifically for each client, where our primary objective is achieving both function and beauty throughout our projects.

Interior Design
Detailed Drawings
Exterior Specification
Furniture Selection
Product Ordering & Project Implementation

Let us help turn your dream into reality

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