An experienced, award winning interior design practice offering a full range of interior design services, from new builds, renovations, apartments, commercial building and sourcing beautiful interior products. 

Services include interior and exterior colour schemes; curtain, blind and upholstery fabric selection, quoting and manufacture; Flooring recommendations and sourcing; Furniture selection and sourcing; accessories; spatial planning advice; CAD drawings and designs for kitchen, bathroom and laundries; cabinetry and furniture design; project implementation.



I know how overwhelming building a new house can be. You may be wondering how you will be able to make all the decisions that need to be made, often in a very short timeframe. You may be wondering where you can find the products and services you need. You may also be wondering how you can turn your ideas and visions into reality. You may also be worried about how you will fit all this into your already busy life.


I will help you work your way through all the decisions and choices that need to be made when you are renovating. I will also offer you solutions that you may not have thought of and products that you may not have seen before or know were available.


Are you planning a new apartment building development, retirement village or boutique hotel/lodge. Nicola Manning Design can work with you as part of project team, to design the interiors for your project.


Are you planning a new café, restaurant or boutique retail space? Or are you looking to update your existing space? Nicola Manning Design can work with you to design the interior specification for your project.