Do you struggle sometimes with awkward shaped windows and can’t find the right solution for window treatments? Shutters provide a versatile and elegant solution to many window treatment problems.


Interior shutters are available in either a painted finish or timber with a stain finish. They are durable and hardwearing. Although shutters are sometimes considered an expensive option, due to their durability and timelessness, over time they are good value.

The window below would be almost impossible to cover without using shutters. Shutters are perfect for curved, round and triangular windows.

Shutters also provide a touch of elegance, timelessness and luxury to any room. Installation options include sliding, bi-folding, panels and hinged shutters.

Shutters are a great solution for high windows in bedrooms, as other window treatments such as curtains or roman blinds can look unbalanced with the width versus the height. You can combine shutters in this situation with beautiful full-length curtains on another window in the bedroom or continue using the shutters throughout the room. For these high windows you can use a shutter panel that can be removed for cleaning the windows and the shutters, rather than hinged ones. The flexibility of shutters is endless.

Another great application for shutters, is skylights or very high window situations, which combined with a motorised system, provides a very practical and beautiful solution to control heat and light.

Shutters can be divided into sections to provide additional flexibility with light control and privacy.

Most shutter manufacturers offer a flat and elliptical option for the blades. This enables you to choose the style that is most appropriate for the style of your property. A house with modern, clean, straight lines would be more suited to the flat blades and the elliptical blades would generally be more suited to curved or shaped windows, or a more traditional style of home.

Another consideration with the shutter blades is the size of the blades. Many manufacturers offer a number of blade sizes. The bigger the blade size, the more you can see through when the shutters are open. The larger blade sizes do create a “chunkier” look though, so again it is important to choose a look that suits the style of your home.


With an increasing desire to utilise and extend the usability of our exterior spaces, either timber or aluminium shutters are ideal for achieving this. Shutters can also used on the exterior of your home as decorative panels or sliding over windows and doors to create privacy and weather protection.

Top tips for looking after your Shutters

Wipe the blades regularly with a soft cloth or use a brush head on your vacuum cleaner to gently clean the shutters. When cleaning the windows, spray the window cleaning product on to the cloth you are using rather than spraying the window directly. This will give you more control over where the cleaning product is going and will avoid damaging the finish on the shutters.