Objects of Desire – Blackboards and Whiteboards

Not the subject you would expect for an Object of Desire blog! While black and white boards may not be a glamorous topic, they are brilliantly useful.

In this blog we look at a few different products which enable you to add your own personalised touch to your spaces and the functionality of being able to ”write on walls” and clean it off easily.


Formica has a Magnetic laminate which has a decorative face that can be written on and easily cleaned. Glossy White acts as a whiteboard while Matt Black is the perfect chalkboard.

Both laminates have an embedded metal foil layer that ensures magnetic objects will hold strongly to the laminate surface. Suitable for vertical applications including schools or university classroom walls, office walls or partition surfacing, meeting and boardrooms, restaurant menu boards, children’s bedroom feature walls and surfaces, design studios, island fronts and furniture.

Source – www.laminex.co.nz

Laminex Matt Black Magnetic Laminate

Laminex Glossy White Magnetic Laminate


Resene Blackboard Paint is a premium scrubbable waterborne flat coating for interior and exterior smooth wallboards and panels where a hardwearing blackboard coating is required.

It is easy to apply – prepare and prime the surface as per normal and then apply two coats of Resene Blackboard Paint by brush, roller or spray. Resene Blackboard Paint is available in a 500ml can, so you only have to buy a small amount to add something a little different.

Resene also offer another paint product, which allows you to create a whiteboard out of any wall colour you choose. Simply apply this product over your existing light coloured wall paint or if you’re looking for a colour change, apply your new colour then apply Resene Write-on Wall Paint over the top.

Once dry and cured you can use whiteboard markers to write all over the wall without damaging the surface. And when it’s time to delete an idea just grab a soft cloth or whiteboard eraser, rub out the marker and start again.

Unlike normal whiteboards, Resene Write-on Wall Paint is designed to work with your existing décor by allowing the colour of your walls to show through the clear finish. So you can have a Resene White Pointer coloured whiteboard, a Resene Truffle one or any other light Resene colour that you desire by simply changing the colour of the wall prior to applying clear Resene Write-on Wall Paint.

Use it in your kitchen to write your reminders, in your office for your to do list, in your conference room to share ideas and in schools for brainstorming, art and more. With Resene Write-on Wall Paint there’s no limit to your ideas.

Source – www.resene.co.nz