Milan Design Week 2016 Blog Series – Part Three TEXTURE

Texture was king at Salone Del Mobile 2016 in Milan, in furniture, kitchens and bathrooms. There were very few gloss surfaces, either in cabinetry or benchtops. Slightly rustic or light industrial finishes were prevalent.


Popular finishes were leathered, honed, hammered, matt finishes as well as silky soft matt benchtop product such as Dekton and Neolith.

Textured benchtop

Matt, textured benchtop, edged in metal

Matt grey benchtops

The latest Dekton benchtop finishes at the Cosentino factory in Spain, I particularly love the Trilium


Timber, particulalry “timber finish” laminates, were very popular. Texture was created using grooves and ridges to produce positive/negative textural surfaces.

Timber laminate finish

Timber cabinetry with solid matt benchtop

Textured laminate cabinetry

Texture created with ridged metal

Textured cabinetry

Patterned, matt benchtop with timber cabinetry mixed with a “fin type” treatment

Strips of timber on the back of an island

Strips of timber on the back of an island

Heavily textured cabinetry


Textured fabrics were frequently on display, particulalry gorgeous velvets in dark luxe colours.

Beautiful blue velvet