Milan Design Week 2016 Blog Series – Part Six ACCESSORIES

It was so interesting at the Salone de Mobile 2016 to walk round the displays and see the range of accessories on display. The key trends coming through were:

Large Scale Accessories

Tall vases, with quite chunky proportions were seen in many displays. The most common finishes were glass and ceramics. The ceramics tended to be either very textured or a plain matte finish.

I love this combination of coloured glass vases

Large scale glass vases combined with the brass, oversized apple make a striking combination of accessories in this kitchen

Interesting shapes and textures create lovely shadowing on these ceramic accessories

The combination of the grey, textured accessories with the warmth of the timber benchtop work beautifully

A great combination of textured ceramics and glass accessories

Wonderful textured accessories grouped together, I love the soft colours too


The use of indoor plants was huge. The green that these plants provide acts to soften the spaces and surfaces and adds a wonderful spot of freshness and colour in the grey and brown backdrops, which were so predominant at the show.

These plants are quite sculptural an shape and texture

There were still a number of metallic accessories on display, like these gorgeous brass ones which look wonderful combined with the green of the plants

Different heights and textures are provided by this grouping of different foliage


It is always a bit of fun to have a quirky accessory to show the playful side of your personality, this one made me laugh!

A slightly irreverent accessory!

Coloured Ceramics

Gorgeous ranges of coloured ceramic bowls and vases were on display. These are a great way to add some beautiful colour to your home, in your choice of colour palette.

Beautiful blues and greys

Soft pinks, purples and grey ceramics in matt finishes

A wonderful contrast with white and black ceramics in interesting shapes