To Follow or Not to Follow the Latest Trends


After completing a series of six blogs on the Interior Design Trends for 2016 and beyond, I thought it a great time to explore this topic.

While it is important and one of the most fun parts of being an interior designer, to keep up to date with the latest trends and to have an understanding of all upcoming trends, I do not believe it is necessary to slavishly follow these trends.

I firmly believe that one’s individual style is something that is built up in layers, over time. Therefore, your home should be a true reflection of you and your families different personalities, interests and lifestyle.

You need to be confident in yourself and know

You will absolutely love some interior design trends and they will suit yourstyle, perfectly and there will be trends that will not work for you at all. Sticking with the basic principals of shopping – only buy what you love and does it fit in to your plan – you should be able to avoid making mistakes.

A great starting point on deciding what to purchase for your home when figuring out what interior products you need to purchase for your home, having the confidence in yourself and knowing how you want to decorate your home is a great starting point on deciding what to purchase for your home.

The worst mistake you can make is to fill your home with “on trend” items. Once that trend has passed your interior will immediately look outdated.  Buying a few pieces of “on trend” homewares or pieces of furniture that you love and fit well into your style and plan is the way to go.

For more expensive items, ask yourself “Can I see this piece in my home for years to come?” If the answer is yes, then buy it and enjoy it. For less expensive items, you may be happy to buy them as a short term piece that you can change out when that trend has passed or when you become sick of it.

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