Difference between Curtains and Drapes.

Many people use the terms curtains and drapers interchangeably. Even though they do have similarities and primarily they have the same purpose, they do have some distinct differences.

Generally drapes are more formal and curtains have a more casual look. Drapes are made from a heavier fabric, whereas curtains are made from lighter materials, and can also be sheer. Most often curtains, unlike drapes, are not lined so they provide less privacy. Curtains can also be light enough to be paired with blinds or shutters without making window treatments appear bulky and overpowering.

Drapes run floor length and are made to completely block out light during the day and hold in the heat during the night time and in the colder months. Drapes are generally more expensive due to the density and amount of fabric used to manufacture them. Drapes usually have a pleated heading at the top, whereas curtains are more loosely gathered or on have a tab heading which slides along a rod.

Curtains can work out to be much more cost effective, due to the fabric being lighter and not always being full floor length. As drapes help seal in the heat, they may initially cost more to purchase however throughout the colder months having that extra help to seal in the heat can end up saving homeowners money on power bills.


Whether you choose drapes or curtains depends on the style of your home, your budget and other window treatments you are using.