Before and After Case Study – Dining Room

This is the Dining Room in a family home; the brief from my clients was to:

  • Source a new dining table to replace the existing square one.
  • Remove the existing gas heater and add inducted heat pump.
  • Add some functional and display shelving and storage.
  • Add more of a wow factor to the room.

The meet this brief we:

  • Removed the gas bayonet and the plug in gas heater.
  • Added a heat pump, incorporating the intake ducting into the new cabinet.
  • Custom designed a new cabinet with LED lighting, shelving and a cupboard.
  • Sourced a new dining table from Sarsfield Brooke, a combination of timber and red glass.
  • Added a wow factor and focal point with a stunning feature pendant light fitting from ECC.
  • Added a mirror above the fireplace to reflect more light and to further “show off” the light fitting.

Without needing to renovate the whole room, significant aesthetic and functional improvements were made. The new heating is very effective and very unobtrusive; the table is functional and stunning to look at too; the new cabinetry “tidies up” the space and provides useful storage as well as LED lit display shelving; and the new pendant light is a stunning, colourful focal pint.