Battle of the Dining Room

Do you ever have different ideas from your partner or other family members about decor in your home? I am currently having a battle with my very male dominated family about which wallpaper to use in our Dining Room, as it needs a makeover.

I am very keen to use a large scale, flocked damask wallpaper in deep purple, to make a striking statement and to make a visual impact. I feel that there is too much neutral around.

The male members in my household, my Husband and three teenage sons, all think that the wallpaper I love is too dark and dramatic. I said “perfect that is what I was hoping for”! They want to play it safe and boring (my interpretation), so we are still debating the issue.

It is great to have a room where you feel that you can be more adventurous with your colours and textures. The Dining Room is a great place to use a bold coloured wallpaper as you generally don’t spend long periods of time in there and it is great to have a cosy, cocooning space to eat in.

Dark walls in a Dining Room can provide a wonderful contrast with the lighter coloured walls in other parts of the house. It also provides a richness and sense of drama.

With all design there is generally some compromise required. Sometimes it is a compromise between your wish list and your budget. Sometimes it is a compromise between yourself and your partner. At other times it is a compromise between your vision and what you can actually achieve with the products available on the market.

The key is to minimise the amount of compromise so that you don’t sacrifice the vision you have. It is a fine balancing act.

It is a very important role of an Interior Designer to be a mediator in situations where there is disagreement. My guiding principal is always – what will provide the best return on your investment?

Will I win my battle of the Dining Room? I will keep you posted!

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