Battle of the Dining Room Part 2

You may remember a Blog I wrote a couple of months ago about “The Battle of the Dining Room” where I was discussing the robust debate between the four male members of my household and myself.

I was very keen to use a large scale, flocked damask wallpaper in deep purple, to make a striking statement and a visual impact. My male family members were not at all keen on that idea (I think that the purple may have played a large part of it!) and I had to search for another option.

I was still adamant that I wanted a deeper colour for the walls to create an “intimate” look and feel and I also wanted a contrast with the painted wall surfaces in the other surrounding rooms.

I chose a beautiful Zoffany wallpaper in pewter tones with a large scale but relatively subtle pattern. I chose to wallpaper all four walls rather than one feature wall. I selected Resene Double Alabaster for the ceiling, doors, windows and architraves.