Though many would associate retirement with spending less time at the office, for this barrister it meant converting his Auckland CBD chambers into a New York-inspired loft apartment. Drawing palette inspiration from the existing steel window joinery, designer Nicola Manning echoed a light and dark juxtaposition throughout the space.

Deep-steel accents around the triangular island anchor it in the open are and define the boundary of the kitchen, while texture and warmth are provided by the Dekton Trillium bench-top. The bench top’s rounded corners soften the look, with vertical steel fins at each end completing the triangular shape to echo the frame of the overall kitchen.

The window bench-top, on the other hand, is bead-blasted stainless steel with a shark-nose edge. This contrastingly light floating effect works well in conjunction with the negative space afforded by the lack of overhead cabinetry to this wall.

An abundance of dark cabinetry, steel and slick features brings home the industrial aesthetic. Keeping with the monochromatic contrast, the feature wall of Regoli gloss tiles in Bianco brings light to the dark and adds a bit of shine.

Services to apartments above are housed against the back wall of the space, leaving little depth for cupboards. Sliding doors in Eclipse Acrymatte from Sage Doors provide unobtrusive access to the large, shallow shelving designed to utilise this tricky space.

The final result is a modern, industrial-style kitchen maximising its space and views.

Designer Nicola Manning for Nicola Manning Design
Cabinet maker Inner Spaces, Auckland