Unveiling the Trends from Milan Design Week and Salone 2023

Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile are renowned worldwide as the epicenter of innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge design. Every year, these events bring together the brightest minds in the design industry to showcase their latest creations, inspire others, and set the trends for the years to come. As we delve into the remarkable year of 2023, Milan Design Week and Salone have once again surpassed all expectations, revealing a plethora of trends that will shape the world of design. Let’s explore the trends that emerged during these extraordinary events.

Silone Del Mobile 2023

1. Sustainability takes centre stage:

The global focus on sustainability has continued to grow, and this year’s Design Week and Salone prominently showcased eco-conscious designs. Exhibitors embraced recycled materials, showcased energy-efficient solutions, and emphasized the importance of sustainable manufacturing processes. From furniture made from reclaimed materials to innovative solutions for water conservation, designers are actively pushing boundaries to create a greener and more sustainable future.

Edra A'mare Collection

2.Biophilic design and nature-inspired aesthetics:

The desire to connect with nature within our urban environments has given rise to the concept of biophilic design. Milan Design Week and Salone 2023 witnessed an influx of designs that incorporated natural elements, organic shapes, and greenery. Living walls, moss installations, and designs that mimic natural patterns were prevalent throughout the exhibitions. This trend signifies our growing yearning to infuse our spaces with the tranquility and harmony found in nature.

Decorative tiles inspired by nature

3. Technological integration:

Advancements in technology continue to redefine the possibilities within the design industry. Milan Design Week and Salone 2023 showcased the seamless integration of technology into various aspects of design. Smart home solutions, interactive installations, and the use of artificial intelligence were key highlights. Designs focused on enhancing user experiences, incorporating automation, and finding innovative ways to blend technology seamlessly with aesthetics.

Fabric with Led Lights

Fabric with integrated LED lights (behind the bed)

4. Curvilinear forms and soft geometry:

This year, Milan Design Week and Salone celebrated the departure from rigid lines and embraced curvilinear forms and soft geometry. From furniture to lighting fixtures, designs featured organic shapes and gentle curves that exuded elegance and comfort. The absence of sharp edges created a sense of fluidity and fostered a more inviting and soothing atmosphere within spaces.

Paulo Castelli - Curved Dining Table and Chairs

5. Maximalism and bold aesthetics:

While minimalism has long been a dominating trend, 2023 saw the resurgence of maximalism. Designers embraced vibrant colors, bold patterns, and intricate details to create visually striking interiors. From daring wallpaper designs to flamboyant furniture pieces, this trend encourages self-expression, individuality, and the celebration of art in design.

Waby Restaurant Bathroom, Milan - Architect Maurizio Lai

6. Heritage craftsmanship and artisanal techniques:

In an era dominated by mass production, there has been a renewed appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and artisanal techniques. Milan Design Week and Salone 2023 showcased designs that highlighted heritage craftsmanship, exquisite handwork, and the preservation of cultural traditions. This trend emphasizes the value of uniqueness, quality, and the human touch in the age of mass production.

Paulo Castelli - hand made using ancient Murano glass techniques

Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile 2023 were an exceptional platform that showcased the design industry’s boundless creativity, innovation, and vision for the future. The trends that emerged from these events highlight the growing emphasis on sustainability, the integration of technology, and the desire to connect with nature. Furthermore, the revival of maximalism, the embrace of curvilinear forms, and the celebration of heritage craftsmanship reflect our evolving tastes and aspirations. As these trends permeate the design landscape, they will undoubtedly shape the way we live, work, and experience the world around us. Milan Design Week and Salone have once again proven to be the driving force behind the evolution of design, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next edition.

Gessi Haute Culture Perle Tapware - newly launched

Quick Fire Observations:

  • Boucle fabric is here to stay for a while longer
  • Neutrals are warmer
  • Colour is key, lots of colour blocking
  • Blue and green are still key accent colours
  • Welcome in Burgundy, earthy peach and salmon tones as other key colours
  • Cushions have got very skinny!
  • Tapware is textured
  • Very little chrome tapware seen, coloured tapware still abounds
  • Cacti are the king of indoor plants, they were everywhere

All images were taken by Nicola Manning at 2023 Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile.