7 Ways to Add Value to Your Property


For many people, their property investments are their largest financial asset. How can you maximise the value of that asset through great interior design?

This question is one of the cornerstones of my interior design practice. Over the past thirteen years that I have been a practicing as an interior designer, my key focus for all the projects I work on with my clients is to provide outcomes that enhance and add to:

  • the financial value of your property
  • the beauty of your surroundings
  • and the functionality of your home

My journey to being an interior designer was a little circuitous and was hinged on a subject choice I made when I started College. I had a strong interest in design and textiles and also economics.

I ended up choosing the economics pathway and went on to complete a Commerce degree at Victoria University in Wellington. This was followed by eight years of working for insurance companies and banks.

I loved this work but once we started a family I decided that I wanted more flexibility than a corporate role could provide. It was now time to follow my love of design and I studied a Diploma of Interior Design, followed by a Kitchen design course.

The combination of these two pathways has provided me with a relatively unique set of skills and a strong platform to provide my clients with an interior design service that focuses both on aesthetics/functionality and adding financial value.

Seven key ways to add financial value to your property:

Have an overall plan – having a comprehensive plan for your whole house in terms of look and style, specific renovations and improvements and a wish list of furniture, art and accessories to buy means that you minimise having to re-do things and step by step you can achieve your vision for your home and create a cohesive and beautiful interior. Please click here to see my blog on How to Create a Plan.

Pay for good design – over the years I have seen the huge difference that good design can make to people’s ease and enjoyment of living in their homes. It can be simple things like the light switches and power points being in the right places; to a well designed kitchen that is extremely functional; to great lighting for tasks and ambience; to spaces that flow well. Good design also saves money and time through “getting it right the first time”.

Use good quality fittings – not only do they generally look better but their performance is better and over time will save you money.

Don’t take shortcuts – It can be tempting to take short cuts to just get something done, or to save money or just because you are unsure of how to do or achieve something. Long term you will add more value if you take the time, spend more money and find out how to do something properly rather than take a short cut.

Use of colour – The clever use of colour will always add value to your property. The wrong colour can decrease value. Which colour and where you use it has such an impact. It can make things look more of less in proportion, smaller or bigger, taller or shorter, warmer or cooler. Put time and effort into selecting the right colours for the right places. Click here to see my Blog about painting your exterior.

Add a bathroom – it goes without saying that adding an additional bathroom to your home will increase its value, a well designed and beautiful bathroom will add even more value.

Add a bedroom – is a sure fire way to increase the value of your home. Can you do it inside the existing envelope of your home or do you need to extend the house?