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“We found Nicola a pleasure to work with. Nicola understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and helped us bring this to reality. She has the knowledge and contacts to source a high standard of furnishings. The end results of Nicola's involvement had been absolutely stunning and exceeded our expectations.” ~ Claire

Online Interior Design


The designers at NM Design offer an online design service, using the same design process that has been delivering great results for over 18 years.

Online design clients will receive the same level of attention and detail as full service clients, the difference being that it is delivered online rather than in person.  This gives clients who love design and love re-designing their home the opportunity to work with a designer and implement the plan themselves.

After purchasing an online design package, you will receive an email with clear instructions on what to do to get started.  These steps include:

  • Selecting inspiration images
  • Filling out our detailed design questionnaire
  • Measure your room using our measuring guide
  • Take photos of the space and any items you wish to keep

Once we receive your items we will begin working on your elevations and floor plan, so that you know exactly where to place your furniture and accessories.  We then select the individual items for you based on your design questionnaire, desires, style and budget.

After the detailed design work is completed you will receive a clear and comprehensive package that shows you how to implement the design of your chosen space.

Your design package will include:

  • A floor plan
  • An elevation of the main wall
  • Inspiration images
  • A customised shopping list
  • Designer tips for adding the magic to that room

Choose Your Room and Budget

Each room has a set design fee of $2250 (including GST)


How can I assure that the furnishings you select for me will fit my room?2020-05-17T23:32:23+12:00

It is crucial that we have the correct measurements of your room.  Please follow the How To Measure Your Room guide and we recommend measuring everything twice to double check your numbers, taking extra care to measure door and window openings.  We are not responsible for any incorrect measurements.

Do you keep records of all my files? If I buy another room design package in the future, will my previous information still be available to ensure flow of all the rooms designed?2020-05-17T23:32:23+12:00

Yes, your information will be retained by us for up to five years.

Once my interior design plan is delivered will I still be able to communicate with you?2020-05-17T23:32:23+12:00

We can stay in touch via email.  Our goal is to delight you with your room design, we are therefore able to accommodate one change, be it one specification or substitution, per room.  Any other changes will be assessed and paid for via an additional flat fee.

If I change my mind and want to cancel my room after submitting all my information, will a refund be issued?2020-05-17T23:32:23+12:00

You may cancel your purchase for a refund up to seven days from the date of purchase, or the date on which we begin receiving your components (i.e. room photos, inspiration images, room measurements and questionnaire).  If you wish to cancel your purchase you must notify us at  We will notify you of the cancellation within three working days or receiving the cancellation email.

If I change my mind on which room I want designed, after I have submitted my design, can I transfer my design fee to a different room and start over?2020-05-17T23:32:24+12:00

You can change rooms while you are in the process of assembling components.  Once you’ve submitted all these components and we have started working on that room, no changes can be made.

Do I have to submit inspiration images or can you give me direction?2020-05-17T23:32:24+12:00

Inspiration images are so important for you to collect and share with us so that we can ensure we are on the same page.  We cannot begin your design until all your design components have been compiled and submitted.   Houzz and Pinterest are great sources for finding your inspiration images.

Will I be purchasing from you directly?2020-05-17T23:32:24+12:00

You will be running the implementation of your design and will be able to enjoy making the purchases yourself.

Do you have a phone number where I can call and speak to a designer about my room/s? I have more information I would like to share?2020-05-17T23:32:24+12:00

The best way to communicate with us is by sending us an email.  Phone calls may be billed at a flat fee, if necessary.

If I have questions or special needs, how can I do this?2020-05-17T23:32:24+12:00

The online interior design questionnaire has comments sections which will enable you to add specific details and requests.

How will I know what the budget will be for the furnishings selected for my room?2020-05-17T23:32:24+12:00

The online interior design questionnaire asks you more detailed information about your budget so that you can guide us in our designs and product selections.  Once you receive your design pack, you can implement as specified or you can substitute items to meet your specific budget.  You have complete control over what you purchase.

How long will it take to receive my design package?2020-05-17T23:32:24+12:00

You will have your design in approximately six weeks from the date that we receive your completed design pack

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