We will help you work your way through all the decisions and choices that need to be made when you are renovating. I will also offer you solutions that you may not have thought of and products that you may not have seen before or know were available.


Here’s how we can work together:

  • An initial meeting to take your project brief.

  • Review of your plans from your Architect and suggestions for any changes to be made from an Interior Design perspective (if the plans haven’t yet been finalised).

  • A full interior design specification detailing interior colours and textures, window treatments, rugs, cushions, door hardware, interior and exterior door styles, and flooring.

  • A full Kitchen Design, including CAD drawings and specification for colors, finishes, cabinetry and bench top details and appliances (if required).

  • A detailed design and CAD drawings for each bathroom (up to three), including a specification to include fittings, finishes, tiles and colours (if required).

  • A full plan for your furniture, this will include looking at existing furniture and reusing where you want to; either as it is, recovering, re-staining or re-purposing.  Sourcing new furniture as required.  Planning the layout of furniture to maximize the aesthetic and functional attributes of each piece of furniture and to maximize the comfort and use of each room in your home.

  • Recommendations and sourcing of feature light fittings, including pendants, wall lights, floor and table lamps.

  • Customised designs for cabinetry, such as shelving and entertainment units.

The service will be customised to your specific requirements after a discussion with you.



We would love to help you with your new renovation. The next step is to give us a call or send us an email.  We can discuss the questions you have, how working with an interior design will help you, how we charge and any other questions you have.