Nature Luxe – Key Components of this Trend


In last week’s Blog I shared the five key Interior Design Trend themes for 2016. This week I am going to explore one of these themes in more detail, looking at the colour palettes, finishes, materials and products.

I am going to start with one of my favourites:

Nature Luxe

This look is summarised by a close relationship with nature combined with adding a little luxury in the form of metallics.

This trend truly embraces craftsmanship and strongly showcases opposing qualities, such as natural timbers combined with the sheen and subtle glamour of the metallic finishes. It is also about impressing nature on products, such as leaves, feathers, fish scales and plants.

Skins and hides play a big part, as texture and tactile qualities are also a key component of this look.

 Craft textures are coming through strongly; knitted, woven and braided textiles and textures are also being used on hard surfaces to mimic soft products.

Metallics are the keystone to this look, mixing brass and bronzesGold is also coming through as a very strong trend. Another aspect of the metallic trend is they are coming through in products like tiles, flooring and furniture; with a touch of metallic used in these products combined with timber or ceramics.

Carrara marble is still very on trend and the use of travertine is going to come through strongly, particularly used in very chunky natural pieces of furniture.

Colour is an important aspect of the Nature Luxe Trend.  Scarlet Opus (the UK trend forecasting company) provided a colour palette for each of the five trends. I have matched these colours up to Resene colours for use in the New Zealand market.

The key colours are for the Nature Luxe style direction are creams, pastels, taupe and warm grey. The stand out colour is blush, this will be seen used with matt and chalky textures predominantly.

Key colour palette:

Resene Basalt (Metallic)

Resene Cest la Vie

Resene Onahau

Resene Nobel

Resene Spring Wood

Resene Zorba

Gold Dust (Metallic)

Resene Copperhead (Metallic)

Please note that the digital images aren’t completely true to colour, refer to physical Resene samples.

Source – Scarlet Opus seminar on 2016 Design and Colour Trends, Scarlet Opus 2016 Colour Book and the Décor and Design Trade Show Melbourne 2015.