Interior design sample tray

Design Review

A one off consultation to review your plans, suggest improvements and act as your sounding board.

Perfect for homeowners who aren’t looking for full service design, but want to move ahead confidently with their plans.

How It Works

What to bring with you to our meeting:

  • Your plans – site plans, floor plans, elevations and joinery details. As much detail as possible about what you have in mind.
  • Samples (or photos) of any selections that have been selected or are existing. We will create a flat lay on the studio table with your samples and show you how it all pulls together.
  • A list of questions for discussion – any challenges that you’re struggling with or that are keeping you awake at night.

During the session, Nicola will work through all of your questions, giving advice and suggestions as you go. Feel free to take notes so that you have a great record of our session. The meeting takes place in our design studio, with our sample library, so if some of your selections aren’t quite right, we have many options to explore.

​We’ll follow up afterwards with a brief email summary of any specific supplier or product recommendations from the session.

After the session, you can check in with Nicola on a 20 minute phone call to clarify anything or ask any follow up questions.

Fee  $1,950 including GST.

Nicola Manning in interior design studio looking at samples