Elevate Your Bathroom: Innovative Design Ideas in Auckland

Regarding home design, the bathroom often stands as a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. With the advancement of plumbing technology and a myriad of design innovations, Homeowners now have plenty of options to transform their bathrooms into luxurious havens. You have so many opportunities to completely transform your Auckland home’s bathroom design for the [...]

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Transforming Spaces: A Guide to Apartment Renovation and Modernisation

Apartment renovation is about more than updating aesthetics; it's a strategic approach to improving functionality and adapting to modern living requirements. In this guide, we address key elements of apartment renovation, including efficient storage solutions, decluttering techniques, selecting proportionate furniture, and choosing colour schemes to enhance spatial perception. Essential Elements in Apartment Renovation Smart [...]

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What do House Paint and Make Up have in common?

What do House Paint and Make Up have in common? Even those of you who have no first hand knowledge of applying make up will understand the objective – to enhance natural beauty and to minimise any flaws. A poorly painted house exterior can reduce the street appeal of your home and it’s financial value. [...]

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Key Aspects for Creating a Luxurious Master Walk-in Wardrobe

When it comes to designing a luxurious master bedroom, walk-in wardrobes are an essential element adding both functionality and style. These spacious wardrobes have evolved into sanctuaries where homeowners can organise their clothing, accessories, and personal belongings. As the interior design world continues to evolve, new trends emerge, transforming walk-in wardrobes into stunning [...]

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Milan Design Week and Salone 2023

Unveiling the Trends from Milan Design Week and Salone 2023 Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile are renowned worldwide as the epicenter of innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge design. Every year, these events bring together the brightest minds in the design industry to showcase their latest creations, inspire others, and set the trends for [...]

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Winner Outstanding Renovation Kitchen Award

NEW YORK NEW YORK Though many would associate retirement with spending less time at the office, for this barrister it meant converting his Auckland CBD chambers into a New York-inspired loft apartment. Drawing palette inspiration from the existing steel window joinery, designer Nicola Manning echoed a light and dark juxtaposition throughout [...]

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Turning a House Into a Home – NZ Herald Article in Canvas

Texture, comfort and colour - interior designer Nicola Manning says soft furnishings can help create a sense of home. Photo / Dean Purcell Home is where the heart is - and also the dining table, the fridge and a comfortable bed. Twelve creatives tell Kim Knight about the essentials that make their house a [...]

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