Belo Rio Key Components of this Trend

This week’s Blog is a continuation in the series on the five key Interior Design Trend themes for 2016. The Belo Rio theme is predominantly based upon the significant occasion of Rio de Janeiro hosting the first Summer Olympic Games in South America, in 2016.

Source – NM photo from Scarlet Opus Seminar at Decor and Design Melbourne 2015

Milan trade show large colourful deep buttoned sofa couch with rug, table and art.

Source – NM photo from Decor and Design Melbourne 2015

The African influence comes through strongly in this trend and was very evident at many of the stands at the Decor and Design exhibition in Melbourne in July.

Pendant lighting, accessories, mirrors and art at a Milan trade show

Source – NM photo from Decor and Design Melbourne 2015

Eccentric art, cushions and furniture at a trade show in Milan

Source – NM photo from Decor and Design Melbourne 2015

The use of birds as a decorative element is a strong factor too. This is showing through predominantly in artwork, beautiful in both colour and texture.

Peaceful living room setting with furniture, art, lamps and cushions in Milan

Source – NM photo from Coco Republic Showroom Melbourne 2015

 Repurposing furniture and accessories is an important part of this trend, being “purposefully imperfect”.

Source – NM photo from Decor and Design Melbourne 2015

I think the key long term impact of this trend is the concept of “taking the inside outside”. This is an extension of the “indoor outdoor flow” concept that has been so strong over many years. The “taking the indoors outdoors” takes this a step further. It is all about decorating your outside spaces in the same way that you decorate your indoor spaces. Layering, texture and accessories are important factors.

The outdoor rugs, all weather fabrics, finishes, louvres, blinds and exterior shutters available in the market make this an achievable goal and will add considerable comfort and beauty to your outdoor spaces.

Key colour palette:

Resene Well Read

Resene Deep Koamaru

Resene San Felix

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Resene Light Year (Metallic)

Resene Homegrown

Resene Colour Me Pink

Resene Fuel Yellow

Please note that the digital colour images aren’t completely true to colour, refer to physical Resene samples.

Source - Scarlet Opus seminar on 2016 Design and Colour Trends, Scarlet Opus 2016 Colour Book and the Décor and Design Trade Show Melbourne 2015.