5 Tips for Buying a Quality Sofa Bed

In my Blog this week I am going to share with you my tips for buying a great sofa bed.

Turn any room into a Bedroom


Sofa Beds have had a bad wrap over the years as being really uncomfortable. A good quality Sofa Bed, however, is extremely comfortable and provides great options for extra guests.

Sofa Beds are a fantastic option if you don’t have a guest bedroom or need to accommodate additional people and you don’t want to have a permanent bed set up. They are also great for small homes and apartments where space is at a premium.

The best rooms to use a Sofa Bed in are:

  • Study or Home Office.
  • Lounge
  • Family Room.
  • Rumpus Room/TV Room

5 Tips for buying a comfortable Sofa Bed


  1. You will probably be using the sofa bed primarily as a sofa, so make sure it feels very comfortable to sit in. Good quality foam and good quality fabric are essential.
  1. Make sure that the frame is a good quality timber. As with any furniture purchase, buy the best quality you can afford as they are a real investment and a good one will give you years of service. Look for features like a combination of wooden slats and woven bed base.  The timber slats provide support for sleeping and the woven bed base provides great comfort for sitting.
  1. A good quality opening and folding mechanism is essential. How easy is the Sofa Bed to fold out? Test it in the shop. Do you have to take the cushions off, or do they fold with the bed?  If you have to take the cushions off, where will you store them? Will they fit under the bed?
  1. A good quality mattress. Like any bed this essential, make sure you test it in the shop, have a good lie on it. Good quality Sofa Beds have inner sprung mattresses. Also feel the mattress to make sure that you can’t feel any of the mechanism and that everything is smooth and comfortable.
  1. Measure the sofa bed as a sofa and also measure it when it is opened out as a bed to make sure you have enough room to accommodate it comfortably for both options.

I bought a sofa bed a couple of years ago and it has been such a great investment. We have had guests sleep on it for as long as three weeks and they have found it very comfortable. We use ours in the TV Room and the kids use it all the time to sit on to watch TV, and again it is very comfortable. It really is worth paying for a very good quality Sofa Bed because they are such a versatile and hard working piece of furniture.

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